the other name of things

On May 22nd was presented in a room with a view above Lisbon, from 12h to 20h, throughout the day, a piece resulting of a everyday practice that Catarina Botelho did during half a year. Throughout the day, at different times, the artist photographed from the same frontal view point, a wall and the light cast on it by a lateral window.


imagens contidas na peça-múltiplo 
o outro nome das coisas

Catarina Botelho
“o outro nome das coisas”, 2009.2010
15 pág. com cinta em cartolina
Impressão jacto de tinta 
27 x 40cm
Edição 20 ex. + 10 p.a.

"the other name of things", 2009.2010
16 pg. with card cover
ink jet print
Edition of 20 + 10 artist proofs

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